Sleep Wise is a programme paid for by the NHS in Cornwall.

There are three parts to our service:

1. Individual sleep assessments are available if your child already sees a Community paediatrician. Community paediatrician refer for a Sleep Wise assessment. Families complete a sleep diary and are visited by a qualified member of our team at Hunrosa. This provides a picture of the sleep difficulty and guides our recommendations to follow. Our assessments are child and family centred and our recommendations will reflect parenting style.

2. Sleep Wise also offers sessions for groups of parent carers about achieving a good night’s sleep. Watch out for details through Eventbrite each month from September 2018. Each session will include a chance to develop a sleep plan. Working with Sleep Wise is an effective way to improve your child’s sleep. Most people report positive results and find that this improves everyone’s family life.

3. Sessions for professionals, to help them support young people and families who are experiencing sleep difficulties. These can be adapted to suit the working day.

Get in touch Hunrosa is delighted to provide the Sleep Wise Programme.