This educational game helps professionals working with children to better understand sleep, enabling them to effectively advise and support families.

The Sleep Game was developed by health visitor and sleep specialist Ruth Silverman, to help anyone working with children and families to learn more about sleep. It is designed to raise awareness of the importance of sleep for babies and children. It helps health and social care professionals working with families to better understand sleep in order to support families more effectively. The game is suitable for all professionals working with babies, children and families. It helps them to improve their knowledge of healthy sleep behaviour, which they can pass on to parents and families to be implemented at home.

The Sleep Game explore the following key topics:

  • Why is sleep important?
  • Sleep patterns and stages of sleep
  • Sleep recommendations
  • Safer sleeping tips
  • Monitoring sleep
  • Sleep problems
  • Techniques to encourage sleep
  • Consequences of sleep deprivation
  • Sleep problems for children with additional needs

The Sleep Game is suitable for anyone working with children and families. This might include:

  • Health visitors
  • Children and Family Centre staff
  • Children’s and school nurses
  • Student nurses and health visitors
  • Nursery or early years staff
  • Family support workers