Sleep Skills for life

Children and Young People

Individual Sleep Analysis


Hunrosa will work with you and your goals:

  • • Provide a full report and recommendations

  • • Measure sleep disturbance and well-being

  • • Provide ongoing sleep programme support

  • • Our methods are supported by research and are evidence based

  • • Independent evaluation shows massive improvements in quality of life scores and reduction in prescribed medication

Hunrosa Sleep Wise toolbox


Hunrosa has developed a Toolbox tailored perfectly to professionals working in healthcare settings.

“This is an ideal set of resources that we can use to advise our colleagues in primary care.” – Consultant Paediatrician

Sleep Wise training contains:


•  Current evidence about sleep

•  The impact of sleeplessness

•  How to improve poor sleep, with a specific focus on sleep and behaviour

•  Sleep and certain medical conditions

•  Sleep and anxiety

•  Where to take a sleep problem

•  Everyday approaches to sleep problems

•  How to talk to parents

•  Covid-19 and sleeplessness

•  Optional extras: chronotypes, sensory overload and sleep and CBT-I awareness

Accredited Training, both face-to-face and online. A staff well-being session to about sleeplessness is also available. 

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Parent and carer information sessions


“I feel equipped to go back and tackle the sleep problem”

Parent information sessions can be offered at times that are convenient to parents including weekends and evenings. These sessions will include:

•  Why sleep is important

•  How lack of sleep affects you

•  What you can do to help

•  How to promote restful sleep

•  Sleep for additional needs

•  When to seek help and how to get help

Currently delivered by webinar, two slots of 40mins

Each participant can talk separately about the sleep issue, discuss a sleep diary and develop a sleep plan

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