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For Professionals

Sleep is important for focus, learning and productivity, and it benefits physical and mental health. We work with businesses, charities, schools and colleges, public health and the NHS. Our training is accredited both online and face to face.

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“Sleeplessness may make other conditions worse, create emotional or mental health problems or affect productivity at work”


“Highly recommended”

We link into education membership organisations, schools and colleges and the independent sector to provide reliable current evidence based information, training and advice, relevant to today’s education.

Health and Social Care

“Your training and patient input is cutting edge”

Hunrosa is proud to be commissioned by statutory services; the NHS and local authorities who value the successful input into individual patient/client sleep problems. Hunrosa has been engaged by care agencies to intervene where placements have been at breaking point due to sleep problems. Our staff training is considered to be excellent quality by attendees, and is accredited by the CPD Standards Office. We are experts in delivering solutions for those with additional needs, including disability and mental health.

Something Different?

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NHS Commissioned & Private Sleep Consultancy

We are qualified Sleep Consultants, operating since 2012, trusted by the NHS, local authorities and national charities. Hunrosa applies the highest possible standards and incorporates the latest international research findings about sleep. Our highly effective approach works with you and relies on adjustments to lifestyle and behaviour. We are members of the British Sleep Society and British Paediatric Sleep Society. Our training is accredited CPD Standards Office.

Our partners include the National Health Service and NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group, The Family Sleep Practice, Council of the Isles of Scilly and Children & Family Health Devon.

You can get in touch with us via our Contact page or you can use our Social Media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

Asking for support form Hunrosa for sleep.

With Sleep Consultant Hannah Bott

Sleep & Neuro-Diversity

With Sleep Consultant Jane Armstrong

What will happen if I am referred to Hunrosa by my health professional?

With Sleep Consultant Jane Armstrong

Karen Langstone

Sleep Consultant

Karen is a Sleep Consultant and Maternity Nurse working with Newborns right up to teenagers, with over 30 years’ experience.

Karen has trained with various organisations, EDS Paediatric Sleep Level 6, Holistic Sleep Coaching level 5, she is also a mum to two grown up sons and a gorgeous dog Lottie.

Her calling has always been in childcare.

Karen has also trained in Early Years Education, and has had experience in various fields including managing a nursery school and working in Pre-schools.

Karen has had the privilege in helping and supporting many families with getting better sleep

Jan Jenner

Founder of Hunrosa

Jan Jenner has been involved with sleep medicine since 2008. She is a qualified Sleep Consultant and is founder of Hunrosa the only sleep consultancy regularly commissioned by the NHS.

She is a keynote speaker and CPD accredited trainer, having trained many healthcare professionals, and treated many sleep deprived adults and young people. She is trained in CBT for sleep and to degree level in paediatric sleep clinical practice.

She also delivers staff and employer well-being sessions. She works closely alongside several educational charities and has co-produced specific sleep medicine literature for their memberships. She is an active member of the British Sleep Society and the British Paediatric Sleep Society.

Outside of work she can be found walking Bertie her lovely Labradoodle along the Cornish coast path.

Deborah Hartland

Sleep Consultant

Sleep is an activity that I took for granted until I lost it. Whilst searching for answers I sought out and engaged in training that enables me to offer support as a Sleep Consultant.

I have also worked as an Occupational Therapist for over 25 years, specialising in sensory integration and pain management. I am passionate about combining OT and sleep intervention as sleep is one of the most important daily occupations that we all have and need.

Sarah Tandy

Sleep Consultant

Sarah is a Sleep Consultant, Occupational Therapist, and Sensory Integration Practitioner who has been working with children and families for the last 16 years.  Sarah trained in Southampton as a sleep practitioner in 2017.

Hannah Bott

Sleep Consultant

Hannah Bott is a sleep consultant practising privately and with Hunrosa and she has achieved an OCN Level 6 qualification in Advanced Paediatric Sleep Practitioner Training. 

Hannah is also a primary school teacher and has been qualified for 10 years. She is a trained SENCO and has a keen interest in this area. 

Hannah’s passion has always been working with children and their families but her first encounter with sleep came when her son did not sleep.  

She reached out for help, changed her families lives and knew she had to help others like her too. Hannah’s private business is Through the Night.

Dr Christine Curle

Sleep Consultant

Christine is a registered Consultant Clinical Psychologist with 30 years experience of working in the NHS with children, young people and families both as a clinician and in leadership roles. She has also worked in Higher Education, training others to become clinical psychologists as Academic Director on the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology at the University of Exeter.

She is passionate about good sleep because of the key role sleep plays in good mental and physical health. As a scientist practitioner she is committed to offering evidence-based interventions for sleep problems and is trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia. Christine’s practice is always client centred, working with people to achieve the outcomes that they want, whilst seeking feedback from clients to ensure that her approach is caring, respectful and effective.

Christine is also trained in hypnosis and is a member of the British Society of Academic and Clinical Hypnosis, The Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health and is chartered with the British Psychological Society.

Christine also has a private practice offering consultation, supervision and mentorship.

Michelle Cyril

Sleep Consultant

Michelle is a sleep consultant and children’s nurse.  She has worked with families who have; babies, children and young people with/without additional needs for over 20 years. It was due to her experience of chronic sleep deprivation with her twins that led her into becoming a qualified children’s sleep expert. Michelle has since gone on to be trained in CBTi (cognitive behaviour therapy for insomnia). 

Michelle is passionate about the science behind sleep disorders which leads to empowering and supporting families to make changes. She creates tailored sleep plans which are evidence based and supports a family to reach their own sleep goals. 

Katie Palmer

Sleep Consultant

Katie is a sleep consultant and has been working with families on a one-to-one basis for 24 years.
She trained as a nursery nurse (NNEB), then as a private maternity nurse (MNT) before focusing for the last 12 years on children’s sleep. She trained at the Solent NHS Sleep Clinic and recently achieved an OCN Level 6 qualification in Advanced Paediatric Sleep Practitioner Training. In 2012 she co-founded her own private consultancy,  Infant Sleep consultants.
Katie is a parent two three boys including twins. She firmly believes in educating and empowering parents to make informed choices using research-based techniques.

Jane Armstrong

Sleep Consultant

Jane Armstrong is a Sleep Consultant qualified for over 12 years, previously working for a charity supporting disabled children and families.

She trained at both Sleep Scotland and the Southampton Sleep Clinic and recently achieved an OCN Level 6 qualification in Advanced Paediatric Sleep Practitioner Training.

She has a special interest in how sleep can improve our mental health and has trained with MFHA England. She is also trained in CBTi (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia), applied to both adults and children.

Simon Pykett

Digital Consultancy

Simon is a multi-award winning marketing consultant and provides Hunrosa with their digital infrastructure and provides support for all things marketing.
From his offices in Plymouth, he also provides Social Media management and content on Hunrosas platforms.
He has worked in a majority of his career having spent twenty years in the education arena delivering Computer Science front line teaching to secondary and sixth form learners throughout the south coast.  
He frequently works with household names and clients throughout the world, providing digital services for clients from a wide range of business niches.
His hobbies include writing code and has recently launched software that tracks the live price of crypto currency.

Yvette Weinrich-Stander

KS Consulting

A unique and determined individual. An original creative thinker with a pioneering spirit, a flexible mind and a passion for people and a champion in celebration of diversity.
Yvette has a proven track record in achieving results and a strong desire to deliver. She is a strong communicator. She loves connecting with people and supporting the customers & the team.

Tabitha Moynagh

Sleep Consultant

Tabitha is a Sleep Consultant and has been working with families, babies and young children since 2008. More recently this involves the running of her consultancy The Family Sleep Practice. As a trained practitioner, Tabitha is passionate about using evidence-based advice to help parents in a compassionate and non-judgemental way.

Her training includes:

  • EDS Advanced Paediatric Sleep Practitioner Training (level 6)
  • EDS Paediatric Sleep, training course
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Early Years (PGCE)
  • Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)

She also has three children of her own who have all been quite different sleepers- Tabitha hopes that her personal experience of three very different sleepers generates a depth of empathy and experience that hugely enhances her work.

Sergio Kruger

KS Consulting

Energetic, critical thinking  graduate who enjoys solving problems and who is driven by a need to add value.  Sergio is an innovative team player.  His big picture thinking  allows for broad perspective. 

Kirstie Grantham

KS Consulting

Dynamic, innovative business specialist. Kirstie is an expert organiser who’s big picture thinking easily analyses and identifies a clients need.

She leads the KS Consulting team professionally and efficiently.

KS Consulting values their clients and expertly supports them in all their operation, marketing, and team development.

Kirstie is the owner of KS Consulting and leader of a diverse team of highly skilled people. The team specialise in all things Operations, Productivity & Team Development, whilst supporting the companies we work with.

63 families were referred and contacted. 50 received intervention. Quality of life improved access the board for those who resolved sleep difficulties.

Almost three quarters of those assessed did not need prescribed medication because their sleep improved naturally.

There was a large improvement in sleep disturbance of those who has been successful from 6 out of 12 to 2 out of 12.

84% of families followed the sleep programme to completion, just 5% stopped during intervention due to stated issues with the pandemic.

After a Sleep Wise input, 80% of young people resolved their sleep difficulties.


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