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Sleep is essential to develop, grow, learn, to promote immunity and good mental health. We help adults and children across all ages with varying needs to achieve restful sleep. Hunrosa means 'to dream' in Cornish

About Us

We are qualified Sleep Consultants, operating since 2012, trusted by the NHS, local authorities and national charities. Hunrosa applies the highest possible standards and incorporates the latest international research findings about sleep. Our highly effective approach works with you and relies on adjustments to lifestyle and behaviour. We are members of the British Sleep Society and British Paediatric Sleep Society. Our training is accredited CPD Standards Office.
Using behavioural sleep strategies, Hunrosa uses CBT for sleep, specialising in those with additional needs and health conditions and employs sensory strategies to improve sleep.

Sleep Wise

Is an approach developed by Hunrosa for the NHS, for young people and their families. Hunrosa enjoys extremely high success rates with our clients

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Not all sleep advice is the same

Our work is reliable, up-to-date and evidence based.

Train to be a Sleep Practitioner

We offer accredited training right up to level 6.

What We Do

Be Your Best


Sleep is essential for concentration and performance. Successful team coaches now recognise that sleep is a key element to success. Research links lack of sleep to developing health conditions.


  • Sleep plans
  • Diagnosis and treatment of behavioral sleep disorders
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To combat sleep deprivation, we can offer:

  • Sleep workshops and well-being sessions
  • Highly respected professionals training
  • Treatment of behavioural sleep disorders
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Sleep
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Our NHS work

From our clients

Our clients provide the proof that our programme works for everyone involved. Why not contact us today to see how we can help?

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